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Sundwig (Andritz)


We are specialized in decoiling and leveling very high tensile strength steel
up to 1.400N/mm² and a yield point 1.000N/mm².

We are equipped and trained with our separate preparation station to handle, open and process these kind of coils at a top safety standard with achieving highest quality result.

We are capable of decoiling up to 25 mm thickness and 2.100 mm width, side trimming is also possible up to very high tensile and up to 25 mm thickness.
With our pre-leveling machine we guarantee the best possible crossbow result of 2mm/meter,especially for the high thickness.
Also for normal steel qualities and thicknesses, we guarantee laser and thermo cut application due to 80% plastification in our main leveling machine.
The levelling machine is equipped with three interchangeable cassettes.

Our standard flatness result is 1/2 EN-Norm. We have two surface brushes combined with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and scale from the surface.

We are also equipped for steel stamping, adjusting the stamp depth to the sheet thickness.


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We are also equipped to decoil special surface steel coils as pickled and oiled, cold rolled and galvanized.
We combine this decoiling with a semi-automated packaging station.
We wrap your sheets exactly according on your demand, with your foil or with our special VCI rust resistance foil.

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