The goods can be supplied by truck or ship.

We discharge even in wet weather under our covered unloading port
We handle coils up to 40 tonnes damage free with our coil-gripper.
We measure all coils during arrival regarding thickness, width, coil inner- and outer diameter and compare them with your packing list.

Every coil gets a unique identification number and all datas will be recorded for later material tracking.

All your coils are stored in our isolated 60.000 ton warehouse.

Our huge finished goods warehouse enables optimal storage in our isolated storage area.

This guarantees the material condition remains unchanged even for longer storage times.

We handle the bundles safely and without damage with our package grippers.



Extra Steel - Service

We execute all intermediate or post-steel processing you need on demand with our company
network by.


- Coil or sheet pickling, optional oiling
- Shot blasting, optional primer
- Laser cutting
- Plasma arc cutting
- Sheet galvanizing
- Test cuttings for later laser application
- Chemical and mechanical testing
- Ultrasonic testing


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